Healing music “to give” by Mel Weichl popular

Mel (Melanie Weichl) is the most talented German actress and a songwriter, She know how to market herselfof her image correctly. The Keys give her every chance to become a famous actress, The key is to build up her online presence. This is because these days when you are famous online it means you are famous everywhere!

Mel (Melanie Weichl) music always has a positiv message – sometimes it´s also about love and the ironic of life. Mel (Melanie Weichl) was a very promising actress from German. See his song on this Youtube video Meditationsmusik/Music for change /Healing music “to give” by Mel Weichl

This song is about the oil catastrophs that happend the last years. Its a reminder for all big firms and also to ourselves – did we ever think about the mess, we leave to our mother earth – who is patiently saving and feeding us again and again – althoug we are destroying and hurting her every day. Money is important for all of us to live a good life – that is true.

But we can ´t eat the money when nothing else is left………….

Dieser Song ist unsere Mutter Erde gewidmet, die allen Ölkatastrophen und Umweltbelastungen standhält und dennoch immer noch für uns sorgt. Und eins sollten wir uns alle merken, dass gilt vor allem für alle großen Firmen – vom Geld können wir nicht runterbeißen.

This video was a trial version thank you to many cam, but I like the idea, hope you like it too…

This world runs round in circles ….but all you want is money you should know:
To give means just to know…just to know,
that to take ….to take – means letin´go

Do you really think you are the owner of this planet (hahaha) – you should know:
Do you really think your money could bring us the nature back (hahahha) you should know:

To give means just to know, to take to take means leting go
disclaim to disclaim means just you grow, yes you grow
you deserve – yes you get just what you sow, what you sow

Child: I hope they will find the solution soon – well, I hope they find the solution soon, before the game is over, over…..

I´m so afraid about my future, but all you want is money is money is money

lyrics and produced by Melanie Weichl

Download as mp3 on my website: https://www.meditation-of-life.com/meditation-musik

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