Armik – OFFICIAL – GREATEST HITS – Full Album – Nouveau Flamenco, Romantic Spanish Guitar

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Artist: Armik – Album: GREATEST HITS – Label: Bolero Records – Music Publisher: Armik’s Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI) – Release Date: 5/6/2014 – All Songs Written by Armik Dashchi

Armik’s Greatest Hits are passionate, romantic, reflective and uplifting. His compositions have made him one of the top-selling recording artists in the world and his signature guitar style continues to dazzle his listeners and add another dimension of magnificence to his already beautiful compositions. Armik’s legacy is a priceless gift and with this collection of Greatest Hits, the effect of hearing his excellence is a timeless experience that you will never forget.

Armik is one of the most popular and accomplished Nuevo Flamenco guitarists of his generation, contributing a musical legacy both innovative and enduring. The maestro’s music has shaken the world, reflected the spirit of the times, and caught the imagination and loyalty of people around the world. His songs not only reflect the fiery rhythms of Nuevo Flamenco but also elegantly unite World, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Spanish Guitar influences. The results are a stunning collection of chart-topping hits included here on Armik’s Greatest Hits. In 1994, Armik gave the world Rain Dancer. He has continued to shape the Nuevo Flamenco genre of music with Flames of Love and Alegra, his 2013 bestsellers, which topped Billboard’s New Age chart. He is a part of the cultural and musical history of the genre and with this Greatest Hits, Armik satisfies a long-awaited need: the ability for his fans to reunite with him and to enjoy many of their favorite songs – all on one recording.

1. Midnight Bolero 4:53
2. Treasures 4:52
3. Lost In Paradise 5:11
4. Dancing In The Clouds 4:19
5. Passion 4:59
6. Blue Paradise 4:58
7. Alegra 4:50
8. Moonrise 5:02
9. Puentes 5:20
10. Bolero Passion 4:27
11. Café Romantico 5:16
12. Gypsy Romance 5:12
13. Casa De Amor 4:53
14. Love Letters 5:14

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